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November 13, 2012
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All Stars Challenge: Episode Three by TheShoppingGoddess All Stars Challenge: Episode Three by TheShoppingGoddess
:iconcatwalkchallenge: Project Runway All Stars Design challenge, which is to "'create' your own fabric which will be used in making wearable art. Keep in mind it is supposed to appear to be spray painted." (quoted from details page here [link])

Accessory is Natural Patent Leather Nosey heels (from nine west), link here

Decided to keep the accessories as bare as possible because the print is so loud. I also wanted a little sparkle, so I choose a nude shoe with a gold heel and rhinestone detail. Plain, but not boring.

As for the design: structural peplum dress with sheer skirt (the peplum is long enough to cover her no-no) with a structural leather collar and cutout front.

EDIT: also forgot to mention about the actual print itself. i didnt want to do graffiti art literally, so instead i mimicked some design aspects. mainly strange angles and vector shading, the outlining with black and white. to create, i just dragged my pattern over my design, and erased/scaled bits and pieces. i did one "pattern" for the top, and for the bottom peplum, i used portions of my pattern if that makes any sense...

OH YEAH!! leave me feedback please :3 but be kind. if you dont have anything nice or constructive to say, dont say anything at all.
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HJLyn Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Comments from :iconcatwalkchallenge:

Kimiko-Takahashi-Tan: Very pretty! I like how it has the aspects of graffiti instead of *actual* graffiti. It's very original, and looks like it could really be worn anywhere! :D I think if the cut in front weren't so low it could be better, but other then that it's a lovely piece!
JennaLynHarms: This was one of my top looks. I like how the design works with the cut of the top. The peek a boo section adds a touch of sexiness to it without being overbearing and a break in the design to show skin would just enhance the design. I personally would have paired it with either a black or white skirt since the grey seems to be a bit left field compared to the graffiti.
TheShoppingGoddess Nov 30, 2012  Student Interface Designer
@JennaLynHarms: the skirt is sheer black DX
HJLyn Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oo... Oh! You didn't say that, lol. Sorry. ^.^
TheShoppingGoddess Dec 1, 2012  Student Interface Designer
tis alright, just clarifying any confusing <3
Dandeira Nov 15, 2012  Professional
I really like this design. It's elegant fresh and modern. The pattern is gorgeous and I love that you made it the focus of your design and only added a very simple grey skirt. The shoes are cool, the only thing bothering me is that the color shows up nowhere else, so they seem a little out of place to me.

The way you szylize the face is really nice, I find it to be very interesting and unique, Nice touch.
What bothers me though on your illustrations are the extremely sketchy lines. Especially on the models. It might be a style thing but it's really distracting and makes your designs look a little messy.
I think this is just a little sad, because your ideas are so great.
I mainly noticed it on the arms and legs, those short little lines you do. You should always try to make long lines to smoothen it out.
Just my thoughts, I hope you don't mind me voicing my opinion :)
TheShoppingGoddess Nov 15, 2012  Student Interface Designer
oh not, not a problem, i really appreciate feedback!

the skirt is actually sheer DX the color of the shoes? they're supposed to be nude shoes so it *looks* like the model isn't actually wearing shoes, effectively elongating the leg.

It's definitely a stylistic thing, I don't do clean line art because it takes WAY too long. I attend a really prestigious university (I think it was placed 16th best in the WORLD) so my priorities are to get my school work done FIRST before I submit something to deviantart. Plus, I re-use the same template, so I only have to sketch out the clothing when I do these things. I'm fairly certain I'm incapable of clean line art, I've researched and practiced for YEARS and my lines have never gotten any cleaner, so I just gave up lol :/ better explained here [link] but tldr: Whenever I actually create my designs, it often ends up being different than my original sketch; I like the really sketchy style because it represents the raw and changing nature of fashion.

Anyways, I DEFINITELY agree with you though. I wish I *could* do clean line art, but the simple fact of the matter is I *can't* given the constraints. I've definitely tried Illustrator, and all my lines looked so weird and out of place because the weights of the line were not the same as what I wanted. I have all the super high tech software, but my freaking tablet is from like the 80s or something. No pen pressure. I can't even syn my software with my tablet because my software is *too new* for my tablet D: if you can suggest a super simple easy peasy way to get me good line art, I'm all ears (I've been on the look out for years, no luck)
Dandeira Nov 15, 2012  Professional
Ahh... the miracle of the shoes is solved!!! ;)
I had been wondering about it and it felt like you wouldn't be the kind of person to mix shoes with an outfit that didn't fit. lol

I also get the problem with the sketchy lines. Honestly I like the sketchyness on the garments lot, but I understand it's a time issue as well.
I agree with you that fashion is ever changing and that "perfection" is nothing one should really aim for. I used to draw really sleek lines with Illustrator when I started out and it frustrated me cause that is not what I wanted. I wanted a hand drawn look.
What tablet do you have? Cause the pen pressure usually isn't dependant on the tablet but the program.
There is a nifty little trick in Illustrator that changed my designing life forever.
When you pick the brush tool, pick out a round brush from the brush palette, double click it and you get an options window. At the very bottom, where the diameter is, there is a drop down next to it, here you can select "pressure" and change the variation next to it to the same size as the brush.
Now when you draw with the brush, you will get a more drawn line. For more power of the brush, double click the brush tool and you get two options there. These influence how much illustrator smoothens out your stroke.
Maybe this would be something for you?
It goes relatively fast with good results, I think.
But it's all a matter of taste, really.
What's important is that you are happy with your style.
Oh and I loved your comment on finished garments and that they often look nothing like the, I know that too well.. I often change around details as I go along (especially on jackets and coats where you can add sooo much detail *grins*)

In any case, good luck and I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your ideas :)
TheShoppingGoddess Nov 21, 2012  Student Interface Designer
I tried this. The pressure option is not available D:

PS. I have Adobe Illustrator CS 5.1

Dandeira Dec 5, 2012  Professional
I'm sorry I didn't reply any sooner.. I didn't have internet for a while.

Hmmm.. did you double click on the brush? you have to pick a calligraphy brush like a simple 3pt round brush. There beside the width option should be a dropdown with the options. It's the same in all the versions. (since it was the same in cs4 and cs6 I assume in 5 it must be too).
Have you tried installing the driver for your tablet again? With it comes a little program with settings in which you can apply the wacom to programs.
I remember that helped me when I had a problem with my old tablet.

Other than that I recently found another interesting program, SAI... very neat lines, very smooth and with pressure ability on windows. (on my mac it was a bit of a challenge to get it to work though).
TheShoppingGoddess Dec 5, 2012  Student Interface Designer
nope, didn't work. and i can't re-install my tablet, because it's so old, my super new macbook pro doesn't recognize the CD

DX tragic really
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