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August 29, 2012
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Fashion Pokemon: set four by TheShoppingGoddess Fashion Pokemon: set four by TheShoppingGoddess
all about the strong shoulders ;)

from left to right:
mudkip, shinx, abra, infernape, shaymin lugia, entei

-mudkip: skirt's shape from tail, the head fin becomes a structured turtleneck, cheek whiskers form the shoulders
-shinx: ears->poof sleeves, stars on shoes, tuff->paper-bag skirt detail, the color scheme should make the other details self-explanatory
-abra: wanted to reflect its body structure in the skirt, the top is pretty much a direct interpretation of its upper torso. silver shoes to represent the spoons it bends in its evolution
-infernape: fire->epic pants, it's head detail can be found on the neck, wristlets->shoulder detail, peplum detail kept
-shaymin: oh god it's so terrible im not even going to include a description
-lugia: eye details->shoulder, sleeves are feathers because duh, it's epic back detail is now found as cutouts ^^, giant wings->skirt
-entei: the face->bodice, wings on back->shoulder detail, the "cloud" on its back->sheer sleeves, everything else is pretty self-explanatory

this set is dedicated to :icongogetenks8:

i hate shaymin's look ARGH, but infernapes pants?? OMG!! don't ask me how lugia's dress maintains its just does. and don't worry, im iffy about entei's color scheme too...

i love feedback, so please tell me what you think! make sure all your criticism is constructive, so dont be like "omg you suck!!" because that's not very nice...

my designs belong to me and may not be used in any way without my permission

and more to come: jigglypuff, pichu, rayquaza, staraptor, onyx, paras, magnemite, cubone

if you want to see a pokemon done, please leave me a comment as well!!
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Hello there, im curious about the Shinx outfit, does the yellow part on the skirt go all the way around like a belt and is the sleeve you can see the same as the other one?

I say this as theres a small chance (if with your permission) i might make this and this would be an awesome costume either human sized or doll size :3
TheShoppingGoddess Feb 13, 2013  Student Interface Designer
the yellow part on the skirt is a belt, the sleeves are the same.

feel free, make sure you link it back to me and give me full credit.
Okay , thats awesome, thanks x

Of course I will, I hope I do them justice!
TheShoppingGoddess Feb 14, 2013  Student Interface Designer
just be careful not to make it look like a joke/cartoon, a lot of "cosplays" end up looking like that instead of actual fashion
yeah, I understand,I've previously made cosplays before and I hope they havnt looked too bad. I always try to use the right fabric and I always practice a lot of times the style i need to do too. I have a few pics of the costumes on here.

I can note u the progress if you like, this is the first time i'll be making fashion rather than a cosplay but thats the challenge i wanna have :3
TheShoppingGoddess Feb 15, 2013  Student Interface Designer
neat! im excited. cosplay is a difficult territory for sure. im always impressed by the craftsmanship and the level of detail, but as a fashion designer, there always seems to be something "off" about it, like a cartoony quality about it. it's not that it's "bad" so much as it's "not fashion"
Yeah sometimes its as if it shouldn't even be made in real life. thats the feeling i get anyway ha

I'm going to look into fashion examples and tips. Hopefully I can get a least that Shinx design made but i've been looking at how some other would work too x

I'm going to get a friend to model them and another friend to take photos, he's doing a photography course and is pretty good already, so I'll be working with them when showing off the outfit :3
TheShoppingGoddess Feb 15, 2013  Student Interface Designer
oooo, even more excited! can't wait!
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SamoanVampCatt Sep 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can i request some? Could you do Mew and Arceus? :)
TheShoppingGoddess Sep 5, 2012  Student Interface Designer
absolutely!! i <3 requests, they're like a personal challenge in a way. i will be sure to dedicate it to you :D
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